Brand Identity

Are you an artist or small business owner with a brilliant idea, product or service to offer? You don't need just a logo and a web design. A brand identity includes colors schemes, typography, graphics, photographs, promotional videos, taglines and social media and CRM tools that communicate the personality and benefits your company has to offer. This is what draws people to your business. And if it feels good, they'll keep coming back for more.

Web Design

Is your website specifically designed to appeal to your target audiences? Does it clearly communicate the solutions you offer? Premium WordPress templates combined with custom css produce clean, efficient, versatile and easy to manage marketing platforms. I use high quality, carefully chosen plugins that ensure your website will run as smoothly, quickly and as responsively as possible, as well as maximize SEO.  

Graphic Design

Need a logo design? Or redesign? No problem. I will design a clean mark that your clients will easily recognize over and over again, as a symbol of the high quality of your products and services. Once we have that taken care of that, I'd love to finish the job by designing your business card. I also design other promotional graphics such as postcards, posters, banners, giveaways, magazine advertisements and infographics for advertisements and proposals.


My background is in fine arts and creative writing.  With that, I bring over 20 years of illustrative experience to every project.  Illustrations can be used as website and social media headers.  Some businesses use simple illustrations as logos, depending on the message they want to convey. There are endless possibilities.

Social Media

I can help you create a strong, cohesive social media presence across the web.
  • Professional profile photos
  • Header photos and graphics
  • SEO & hashtag optimizations
  • Content writing
  • Custom posts

CRM Management

  • Use CRM software to analyze and anticipate customer needs and desires.
  • Understand business strategy, and provide recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and maximum utilization of the product or services sold.
  • Assist in the development of a strategic roadmap for CRM systems.
  • Lead intake and prioritization of backlog.



Social Media:
I love the experience of exploring and connecting the personality of a brand with its target audiences. To me, Design and Marketing exist at the intersection of storytelling, information architecture, UX, UI, and faith. My designs are graphic forward, brand customized, research-based and always evolving.
Natalie Thomas